• Hal Faulkner
      Hal FaulknerBlack Belt Instructor

      Professor/Black Belt
      Filipino Kali
      Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

      Hal Faulkner started his martial arts training in 1964. He began his training in Philadelphia learning Shotokan Karate and Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu under Master Gin Foon Mark. In 1975, Hal was introduced to the art of Jeet Kune Do by Larry Hartsell, one of Bruce Lee’s top students. In 1976, Hal relocated to Southern California to begin training at the Filipino Kali and Kickboxing Academy under the tutelage of Dan Inosanto and Richard Bustillo. In 1984, his drive to learn more brought him to Rorion, Rickson and Royce Gracie and he began to study Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Hal has appeared in: “Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do”, “Enter and Trapping”, “Grappling”, “Absorb What is Useful”, “A Jeet Kune Do Guide”, as well as numerous other martial art magazines through the years.