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Carlson Gracie BJJ Arcata Team

At Humboldt Jiu Jitsu Academy we train and compete under the Carlson Gracie flag. Carlson was a true champion and innovator of BJJ. He did a great deal to further the art and make it more accessible to everyone while simultaneously creating one of the all-time most influential, and respected teams. The Carlson Gracie Team is global, and training under this flag connects us with a whole world of Jiu Jitsu competitors that is greater than just our gym.

Our Master Teacher 5th Degree Black Belt Ari Galo was given his belt by Carlson Gracie himself, and is the teacher under which our head instructor Marcello Daflon received his training and subsequent Black Belt.

A seasoned competitor, Marcello knows what it takes to prepare, compete and win! Marcello is a 2nd Degree Black Belt from Carlson Gracie Fight Team in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil who loves to teach, train and take competitors to tournaments. He says, “Nobody knows how you feel when you’re walking onto the mat at a tournament; Like a band about to play a concert, like a surfer about to catch a wave; That’s yours forever.”


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Competition is for everyone from high-level athletes that want to train to be champions, to people who train just for fun and want to simply test their skills or have a new hobby in life.

Competing is fun! It’s a great way to test what you’ve learned, find the holes in your game, travel and spend time with teammates, as well as meet other Jiu Jitsu practitioners from all over the world.

History of our lineage: https://www.cgraciehq.com/history

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IBJJF Events | http://ibjjf.com/upcoming-events

NAGA Events | http://nagafighter.com

BJJ Tour | http://bjjtour.com

NABJJF | http://nabjjf.com

SubLeague | http://subleague.com

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