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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ~ Muay Thai Kickboxing ~ Self-Defense


Why Martial Arts?
Reduce Stress ~ Gain Confidence ~ Be Healthy ~ Cultivate Balance ~ Develop Strength ~ Learn Real Self-Defense ~ Get Fit ~ Be Happy
Our Purpose
Our mission is to create a safe positive training experience for adults and kids alike so our students can learn, grow, and achieve any of their martial arts goals. We bring the highest-caliber Martial Arts training to Northern Humboldt.
Group Classes, One-on-one Training, Seminars and Special Events for Adults and Kids.
Our Instructors have a combined experience of over 100 years and are the best Martial Arts Instructors in Humboldt County. Family Packages help $ave Money. Discounts are offered to special groups such as Armed Forces and Civil Servants. Check out Pricing page for complete list of discounts. Do you have a disability and are you interested in exploring martial arts training?
Contact us for consultation: 707.822.6278
Open 7 days per week — we offer 30 group classes each week.

First week of training is free! Come check us out!

*Affiliated with the Carlson Gracie Team in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, our passion is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and our purpose is to bring high-caliber Jits to northern Humboldt.

We love to compete and have many opportunities throughout the year for those who wish to do so.


These Rules & Regulations (“Rules”) intend to provide the maximum use and enjoyment of the facilities and equipment Humboldt Jiu Jitsu, LLC (“HJJ”) by its members and their guests. We believe these Rules constitute the best current solutions to the many complex issues and concerns associated with a club operation as active as ours. The obligation to enforce these Rules lies primarily in the hands of the HJJ Management whose principal responsibility is to assure members of all the courtesies, comforts and services that we provide. It is also the duty of the members to know the Rules and to cooperate with HJJ management in their enforcement. HJJ shall have the unqualified right to make such Rules, as it deems necessary or appropriate in its sole discretion. The Rules may be revised, amended, supplemented, modified or repealed by HJJ management at any time, and without prior notice. Any revised, amended, supplemented, or modified Rules shall become effective and enforceable immediately upon the posting of same on HJJ’s website. HJJ reserves the right at any time to suspend the privileges or cancel the membership of any individual for failure to comply with any Rules or policies of HJJ, or for any conduct HJJ deems to be improper or harmful to the best interests of HJJ, its staff and its members.

Humboldt Jiu Jitsu Academy
1041 F. St Arcata, CA (707) 822-6278

“Be so strong that nothing can disturb the peace of your mind.” – Grand Master Carlos Gracie Sr. –


Humboldt Jiu Jitsu is Proud to Feature our CG Team Athlete
Marcello Daflon

Monty Martin
1st Degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

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