• Monty Martin
      Monty MartinInstructor

      Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

      Monty Martin first started training martial arts under N.C.S.D.A. founding instructor Hal Faulkner in 1997. Under H. Faulkner he trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Jeet Kun Do, Muay Thai and Kali Escrima. Monty has two 12 year-old-twin daughters whom also have trained at N.C.S.D.A. and now Humboldt Jiu Jitsu since 2008. He continues to train Gracie Jiu Jitsu Self Defense under H. Faulkner and trains Sport and Advanced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under black belts Justin Gaffney and Professor Ari Galo-Carlson Gracie team. Monty is always excited to learn and pass on knowledge to the next generation of martial artists as he continues with his own progression.